DataDx Consulting has experience with managed care and other commercial and government payor strategies. Our work and relationships across the United States has enabled us to build relationships with major health plans in multiple regional markets, resulting in insights and expertise that we bring to every client engagement. 

We work with clients to review and renegotiate their payor contracts, resulting in better terms and rates, while cultivating better relationships along the way.

Improve your financial position.

The DataDx Approach

The DataDx team is continually enhancing their skills and understanding of the payor landscape to successfully lead clients through reimbursement strategies, price negotiations, and methodology changes. Our contracting approach is very strategic and the key to our approach is the relationships we hold with each payor.

Importance of data in contracting discussions

Data enables us to not only tell a story, but also helps to understand past practice patterns and can be used to predict potential reimbursement with the use of modeling. 

Data and analytics can be used to develop your strategy with the payor to support negotiation efforts. Accepting a payor proposal without understanding the financial implication can be potentially detrimental to your practice. Using your data and our experienced contract modeling process, we help you to come to the negotiating table, fully equipped.

Payor Enrollment

Payor enrollment is often one of the most overlooked administrative processes and it can have a large impact on provider revenue. What should be a simple process is instead duplicative and time consuming due to a lack of standardization across the industry and from payor to payor. 

Failure to enroll and credential a provider, or re-credential, may result in a loss of revenue. If you or your staff find yourselves wishing you had more time to dedicate to these vital administrative operations but don’t have the resources, our experienced payor contracting and credentialing specialists are here to help.

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