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DataDx is the first and best all-encompassing cloud-based platform specifically tailored for independent physicians. Our automated reports and visuals put the power of real-time insights behind every business decision to achieve long-term sustainable results. Enjoy seamless data extraction and rapid deployment within weeks, not months, and eliminate the manual reporting burden. We are far from just another software company because our team of healthcare experts works side-by-side with you to maximize the value of your own data.

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What could you do with the true costs-of-care per unit for your practice?

Running an independent healthcare organization is more challenging than ever. Shifting business trends, environmental changes, and a slew of industry regulations threaten physician autonomy and the well-being of patients. Comprehensive business analytics are almost impossible to access in-house with staff shortages, minimal data management experience, and a lack of resources to support the effort.

Don’t let your practice suffer when DataDx was made for you.


Financial Insights

Income Statement Report

Never again wonder about the state of your organization’s finances. Empower your business and team with financial literacy through an interactive view of your Net Income, Revenues, and Expense trends broken into usable categories and measured over time.

Monthly Statement Report

Gain a huge advantage with a visual version of your per-day costs, revenue and capacity. Our calendar-style view shows key production data that can quickly answer questions related to physician compensation and track highs and lows throughout your practice.

Financial Performance Report

Follow 5 key trends and ratios for measuring Charges, Net Collections and Expenses with multiple customizable filters. Guide your decisions by tracking various time ranges for year over year and seasonal changes based on facility locations, providers, specialties or departments as needed.


Workload and Productivity

Provider Productivity Report

With multiple providers treating patients within one practice, gauging production and making sound projections is nearly impossible. Stay on course with your productivity goals by accessing an up-to-date summary of key statistics including Gross Charges, Net Collections, Patients Seen, Days Worked, Work RVUs, and Total RVUs. Customize your report as needed across time ranges and other filters displayed in the tiles on the top of the page, and compare and rank provider performance in aggregate or trended over time.

Employee Productivity Report

Empowering your staff with production goals can help set your practice on course to higher profit margins. Now you can equip your salaried physicians and administrative staff with robust reporting capabilities without worrying about sharing your business’s financial information. Our row-level security feature makes sure your team can access the same easy-to-use web portal for valuable insights to make your morning huddle more engaging.


Visits and Patient Demographics

Visits Report

Keeping track of patient information is complicated and often you don’t know what is falling through the cracks until you see what’s available to view on our platform. Our Visits Report allows you to see a summary view of New Patient Visits, Percentage of New and Established Patient Visits, No Charge Visits, and Total Visits for any date range you input. You can additionally see the Top 5 CPT codes by payments and how the coding distribution varies between long-standing or new patients.

Patients Report

Organizing patient demographic information in an easy-to-read visual report can be a huge asset to building your business strategy. Our platform’s report breaks down your patients’ age and zip code within various filters including Facility Location, Provider, Specialty, or Department over the date range you choose.


Revenue Cycle Insights

Revenue Performance Review

One of the most challenging aspects of running a dental organization is tracking revenue performance. Our platform allows you to view your revenue cycle performance, monitor critical KPIs and compare results over time. Empower yourself with the big picture of your Payor Mix, Adjustments, and AR Aging so you can prioritize your practice’s goals.

Payor Analysis Report

Managing your payor information is complicated but it doesn’t have to take scores of staff hours every month to do it. Our report gives you a summary level view within your preferred date range of key statistics such as by Payor Patient Visits, Work RVUs, and Net Collections. It also allows filtering of visuals by Payor Group, Facility Location, Provider, Specialty, Department, or CPT Code when the data is available.