First-Hand Experience in Healthcare

Growing practice pressures for the next generation of physicians and dentists have created significant challenges to their operational decision-making. In response, doctors and healthcare leaders are seeking out new technologies hoping machine learning and automation will reduce their administrative burden. Part of their expressed interest has been focused on including experienced health professionals in the development of technological tools. In fact, a recent survey showed 76 percent of healthcare CFOs said industry expertise and best practices built into software is an important criterion when evaluating financial planning software. That figure increased from 60 percent in the prior year, making it the most highly ranked option for choosing a platform. This is, in part, due to the simultaneous industry-wide appeal for comprehensive real-time analytics in healthcare, which was named the #1 financial planning priority for those same financial experts surveyed above. We at DataDx are no strangers to these trends because our team felt the absence of comprehensive tools first-hand after decades of working in healthcare and we made it our mission to correct it.

As a company comprised of experts in the medical industry, we have been excited about the potential for time and cost savings in this new era of digital health from the start. The last decade of big tech has been spent migrating business systems to the cloud, which produced enormous amounts of healthcare data but no way to use it effectively. Our goal is to empower dentists and physicians by equipping them with analytics and competitive business tools that bring access to useful information that is integrated, systematic, and collaborative. DataDx is unlocking the potential from these otherwise disparate data sources and incompatible formats to ensure the healthcare industry is in a better place for generations to come. We believe this is a fundamentality crucial service to providers and has been driving us forward since our founding.

DataDx has been on the forefront of conceptualizing innovative software development with the expertise of healthcare leaders, which frankly is our entire reason for existing. Our company was built from the ground up specifically with independent dental and medical practices in mind. In the early 2000s our Founder, Kate Othus, was managing healthcare organizations as either a Practice Administrator or CEO and personally experienced the struggles of untimely and inaccurate reporting. The tools available to gather data from multiple sources, then format, collate, and visualize that information in a cohesive way were inadequate. To this day dental and medical practice analytics remain a largely manual process with the consequence of reports being outdated, error-prone, and lacking consistency. This makes it tremendously difficult to have crucial time-sensitive conversations with physician leaders, boards, insurance companies, and patients. Not only does this potentially impact the efficacy of medical outcomes for patients, but it also thoroughly compromises business operations for private practices across the country.

Our company understands that doctors are scientists who crave data and facts to support their decision-making, yet most independent practices aren’t equipped with the resources and expertise necessary to understand the key drivers of business success. Instead, they operate using outdated and insufficient processes and tools that keep them guessing on forming strategic next steps. To remain competitive, practices must shift from months-old to real-time indicators that can quickly assess the entirety of their operational data. Access to comprehensive measures that provide accurate costs of care per unit better represent the impact of outcomes and demonstrate the value of care to patients and payors.

Bringing about these imperative changes means technology can no longer be seen as an impediment to the human connection, but rather an enabler of experience. While much of the market has been focused on the needs of large health systems, our vision has always been to help communities of people nationwide by supporting independent practices. The reason for this narrowed focus on private practitioners stemmed from Kate’s professional experience and grew by expanding our team with other like-minded colleagues over the years. The DataDx team has extensive knowledge and experience in many facets of healthcare operations. Our range of expertise spans practice management consulting to hospital budgeting and benchmarking, as well as working with large data sets on the payor and health system level. By building upon this experience, our company takes a systems approach to healthcare business data by applying scientific insights and modeling to understand the elements that influence operations and decision-making. Using these measures help gauge the performance of your practice to understand and model outcomes, creating a sense of accessibility, immediacy, and ease in your business planning. By providing a delightful user experience tailored for doctors and healthcare leaders, our platform facilitates collaborative conversations from all perspectives within their practice and equips them for success well into the future.

We believed from the beginning by developing an affordable SaaS subscription, physicians and dentists could leverage the same tools and insights used by large health systems and insurance companies. This could empower them to better understand their business performance and trends as well as ensure the voices of all engaged in healthcare are heard, respected and acted on. Technology for the sake of technology is not the answer. However, using these innovations to align access to information, rapid decision-making, closer connection and greater understanding in healthcare overall will fundamentally shift the experience of providers and patients for the better. We understood this because we’ve been there.

The experience and technical strength of the DataDx team gives our clients confidence knowing we have the skills needed to answer their toughest questions. Whether it’s working with large claims datasets, answering accounting or financial reporting questions, or benchmarking performance, we look for ways to provide meaningful and practical value to our consumers. Since our team works side-by-side with you, we use our expertise to quickly adapt and bring on new features, data sources, calculations, and enhancements to help you respond to your most important business opportunities.

The DataDx team has built software that not only saves you time from having to go back and forth between the various reports and applications struggling to interpret the relevant data to answer questions, but we also handle the ongoing administrative demands of managing, scaling and monitoring the platform on your behalf. Our secure interactive portal creates a one stop shop for all your business reporting and insights. It comes complete with organizational and user level access to secure real-time insights, individualized monitoring alerts, and expanding predictive capabilities. You can rest assured knowing there is nothing else like it on the market.

By choosing DataDx you receive flexibility in the development, deployment, scalability, and performance of your business insights. Our cloud-based design provides practices with greater flexibility and agility which allows for distinct changes, upgrades, and customizations based on your individual needs or provider specialties.

For us, having healthcare leadership experience at the core of our platform means that similar hearts and minds are propelling us forward to better serve independent doctors. At the end of the day, we’re all stakeholders in healthcare who will suffer if we don’t improve the medical industry for providers and patients alike. Whether it’s our DataDx platform that sparks your interest or our team of dedicated consultants you could benefit from, contact us to find out more about how we can best serve your practice.


How We Can Help You

DataDx is a company born from a team of professionals with decades of experience in various roles within the healthcare industry. Over our many years of advising and managing medical organizations, we saw significant gaps in their ability to access real-time analytics for decision-making. Our Founder, Kate Othus, had a vision of better software combined with targeted consulting services filling in those missing pieces to help independent physicians, dentists, and their patients thrive. As a company, DataDx has created an invaluable resource for healthcare leaders to plan for tomorrow based on accurate data today. We offer the most cutting-edge cloud-based software in the medical and dental environment and our Anomaly Detection is a critical feature that ensures your data can be trusted.

DataDx exists to provide real-time analytics that empower you to manage your practice with information you can believe in.