Meet Our Team

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High monthly costs, disconnected and limited data, payment reform pressure, and value-based contracts, we know what you’re up against. Our team has deep expertise in working with clinics just like yours.

That’s why we decided it was time to launch a whole new way of managing your practice.

We’ve been in the healthcare trenches and we know your pain points.

Kate Othus


Glen Lawrence

Chief Business Officer

Justin Valley

Chief Operations Officer

Jon Mattes

Director of Analytics & Development

Eric Schulz

VP Business Development, Healthcare Consultant

Courtney Stevenson

Payor Contracting

Denise Roberts

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Noelle Vilela

Payor Enrollment Specialist

Jayme Barnes

Jayme Barnes

Director of Marketing

Ben Lawrence

Manager of Analytics

Jayme Barnes

Patrick Andersen

Manager of Engineering

Ahmed Abualsoud

Business Analyst II

Jayme Barnes

Joe Garro

Cloud Engineer

Dorothy Gasque

Data Analyst II

Jayme Barnes

Sheila Kirkegaard

Healthcare Business Consultant

Ashley Kargel

Project Manager

Christa North

Christa North

Marketing Associate

Benjamin Elder

Data Analyst

Allister Kays

Allister Kays

Web Developer