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Why DataDx Exists?

DataDx provides solutions for medical and dental practices to achieve long-term and sustainable business results. Our consulting services combined with our cloud-based software provides leaders with real-time insights and actionable strategies to implement best practices and achieve quality and cost goals.

For healthcare practices, understanding the performance metrics and true value of your business requires knowledge across many operational areas and sources of data.  DataDx software easily integrates with your existing platforms and business applications to create a comprehensive view of the most important insights and context needed to act. Our goal is to improve business and clinical operations to help practices achieve lasting success so they can better serve patients and their community.

How Can We Help You?




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First-Hand Experience in Healthcare

Our team is comprised of medical and dental professionals with specialized experience in the healthcare industry. DataDx was founded with private practice operations in mind. We understand that doctors and dentists are scientists who crave data and facts to support their decision-making.

Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Easily coordinate financial, operational, and patient care platforms to produce more complete and sophisticated reports.
  • Inclusive and visible expense data to determine over-spending and how to invest in the future.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to filter through the noise in data.

Automated, Real-Time Reporting

  • Track Patient Data
  • Cost Saving Insight
  • Effective Practice Management
  • Marketing Input

DataDx Integrates with the Following

Anomaly Detection

  • Identify Data Quality Issues
  • Detect Data Entry Errors & Inconsistencies
  • Increase Trust in Data Analysis Accuracy
  • Advance Machine Learning Algorithms

Meet Our CEO

Kate is the Founder and President of DataDx and DataDx Consulting. Prior to launching DataDx, Kate worked side-by-side with physicians as a practicing CEO and Administrator for various specialty groups. Kate then transitioned to healthcare business consulting, where she developed a high-performing consulting team to help serve the private practice market. As both a Practice Administrator and a Healthcare Consultant, Kate has witnessed first-hand the struggles clinics are up against when it comes to data management. She has seen time and again the challenges of making smart decisions with disconnected and often outdated and error-prone data. It was this need that drove Kate to launch a software company, DataDx, with a group of other healthcare and engineering experts.

Meet Our Team

What Clients Are Saying

Amber Photo Profile
“One of the biggest challenges our administrative team has come across is credentialing. We contacted the DataDx Consulting team to assist with our credentialing and they made the process flawless. Their willingness to dive into a project and provide clear open communication sets them apart from other consultancies. Their attention to detail and follow through made it easy to transfer this process to them with confidence. Since working with DataDx Consulting we have created solid working relationships with our local health plans. I can confidently say they are the best consulting team to work with.”
Amber Venema
Practice Administrator, Advanced Gastroenterology, PLLC
Mel Davies
“We’re taking something labor intensive and automating it and that ties our operations to the big picture. We can see what’s driving the practice from a detailed, tactical level. It pairs the tactical and the day-to-day.”
Mel Davies
Chief Financial Officer, Oregon Oncology Specialists
Mel Davies
“”It seems like there is never enough time in the days, weeks, months to do a thorough job of contract review and negotiations with payers to be sure we are up to date. DataDx has solved this concern for me! I’ve enjoyed working with Courtney, she is professional and on top of contract language, trends and does a succinct job at modeling scenarios so I may make the best decision for our group. The entire team at DataDx is dedicated and very helpful, I’m glad I have them as my trusted consultant group for these daunting tasks.””
Judy Carroll, MBA, CMPE
Administrator, Salem Emergency Physicians Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an anomaly?

An anomaly is an event that occurs outside of normal parameters or measurements.

What is anomaly detection?

Anomaly detection is the process of highlighting abnormal or peculiar events for further investigation.

What is anomaly detection software?

Anomaly detection software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect inconsistencies automatically.

Why is anomaly detection good for healthcare?

Because of the complexity of managing medical practices, anomalies can easily go undetected when relying on manual processes. That can lead to lost revenue and less efficient patient care.

What is automated real-time reporting?

Automated real-time reporting is the “discipline that applies logic and mathematics to data to provide insights for making better decisions quickly” according to Gartner.

Who benefits from automated real-time reporting software?

Every industry can benefit from real-time reporting software but it has been particularly popular in finance and marketing in years past. Business owners who use real-time analytics to make organizational decisions typically experience faster growth and increased revenue.

What can I use automated real-time reporting for?

Real-time reporting is useful for accessing comparative data while the input is still fresh. This can be helpful for staffing, tracking expenses, ordering supplies, detecting fraud, etc.

What is Data-Driven Decision-Making?

Data-driven decision-making is the process of using data to make organizational decisions without having to rely on intuition.

Why is Data-Driven Decision-Making good for my practice?

Data-driven decision-making is good for your practice because it gives you trustworthy analytics to help you plan strategically for your business.