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If you don’t have a way to get a real-time view of your dental practice’s finances, how can you confidently make critical decisions about the future of your practice? What’s your average daily production? What’s your monthly overhead? What procedures are the most and least profitable for your practice?

You deserve to know the answers to these questions, and DataDx’s cloud-based software and consulting services can help you harness the power of your financial data in order to create a practice capable of weathering virtually any storm that might come your way.

Income Statement

Does everyone in the practice have the level of financial literacy they should in order to create sustainable growth for the business? The DataDx income statement report is an interactive tool that provides you a real-time overview of your practice’s net income, revenue, and expenses.

It’s simple to organize your income statement data into usable categories, too. You’ll be able to identify trends, uncover anomalies, and make educated decisions about your practice’s financial health.

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Balance Sheet

Sometimes, a snapshot can give you the big picture.
At DataDx, we know that your practice’s balance sheet is critical to your short and long-term success.

What do you have? What do you owe? What are your opportunities for adding staff, offering new services, or expanding to new markets?

Having a reliable, of-the-moment view of your practice’s assets, liabilities, and equity is the only way to be truly aware of and confident in the financial health at any given moment.

DataDx made it simple, powerful, and a must-have tool for your practice!

Financial Performance

How easily can you pull and review your financial performance data? Can you easily see a snapshot featuring real-time data by location, provider, specialty, or department? How easily can you drill even further into the data by sorting it by specific date ranges to identify trends?

The DataDx Financial Performance Report easily enables you to view your practice’s charges, net collections, and expenses, and gives you multiple customizable filters to view the data in exactly the way you need to make educated decisions about your practice, your team, and your patients.


Monthly Summary

There’s no better way of having a clear, concise overview of your daily, weekly, and monthly costs and revenue than with the DataDx Monthly Statement Report.

This customizable reporting tool gives you a calendar view of your practice’s key financial data — giving you the insight and flexibility you need to quickly and confidently address your short and long-term needs, fostering a more stable, profitable, and patient-centric practice.

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