DataDx for DSOs

DSOs turn great practices into incredible businesses. DataDx turns practice data into business intelligence.
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Together, DSOs and DataDx can help practices expand their reach, generate more profit, and deliver a broader spectrum of care.

DataDx for DSOs is designed to increase your ROI

The business aspects of any dental or dental specialty practice can be complex.

With ever-shifting regulatory burdens, the weight of contracting and credentialing responsibilities, and the intricacies of managing staff dynamics — not to mention the attention required to effectively manage things like digital marketing campaigns — even the most well-organized practices and DSOs are feeling the strain.

But what if you had a solution that helped you better understand your practice’s operations, assisted you in confidently making key decisions for the practice, and significantly increased your ROI?

The DataDx software and consulting services solution combines real-time accounting, operational, and provider-oriented data into an easy to access, read, and manage format that is fully customizable based on the needs of your practice, no matter how many locations you’re serving.

It’s truly revolutionary, and it’s available now.

Key features of DataDx for DSOs

  • A one-stop-shop for all of your practice’s organizational data and systems
  • Incorporate operational data, payroll, and marketing spend into a single platform
  • Create, track, and measure internal and external KPIs to monitor of-the-minute performance
  • Compare your current performance against historical data and compare your performance against your peers to see what’s possible
  • Track and assess performance data by hygienist, provider, location, region, and more

Coding errors and fraud are a thing of the past with the help of AI-driven technology

Concerned with coding errors? Worried about fraud? DataDx leverages AI-powered anomaly detection features that immediately flag errors and potential fraud as quickly as they occur, giving you back the time wasted on uncovering and correcting these issues in the past.
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Set need-to-know levels of security based on your preferences

DataDx comes complete with row-level security, which enables you to grant access to key data, such as production by hygienist, to only those who need to know.

They’ll get the clarity they need on their performance, and you’ll have the confidence you deserve that critical information is being kept as private as you’d like it to be.

Forecast for growth. With a plan to achieve your goals.

Considering adding additional providers? Expanding locations? Do you have the data and the strategy you need to make your expansion efforts successful?

DataDx is data, consulting, and accountability all rolled into one.

DataDx Consulting Services Include

  • Operational strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Payor contracting
  • Credentialing
  • Recruiting
  • And more!

Isn’t it time you had a strategic partner who understood your needs and helped you fulfill them?

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