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Are you prepared to overcome today’s industry challenges?

No matter where you are in your career, it’s simply a fact that today’s independent dentists are facing more challenges than ever before. Dwindling reimbursements. Regulatory burdens. Price-shopping patients. Sometimes it feels your autonomy as a practitioner is steadily fading away.

Some practices will never overcome these challenges. Others, those who are seeking to harness the great many opportunities that still exist, will not only overcome these challenges, but they’ll have built practices so strong that they will be thriving, even as new challenges arise.

The key to surviving and thriving, no matter how volatile the landscape? Data.

But it’s more than having data. That’s easy. It’s being able to organize your data into actionable short and long-term strategies that align your team around a specific set of goals so you can deliver the best care possible to your patients — the kind that makes them happy with their care, and makes your practice more profitable than ever. And that’s exactly what DataDx was designed to do.

DataDx for Dental: 10 interactive reports and dashboards.

142 unique measures. Endless possibilities for your practice.

Let’s face it, between staff shortages, minimal data management experience, and a lack of resources to support the effort, most of us are just doing our best when it comes to strategically leveraging our practice’s data.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. DataDx was made for practices just like yours.

DataDx is the first and best all-encompassing cloud-based platform specifically tailored for independent dentists and their team. We understand what a burden manual reporting can be for busy practices, so we’ve created a system that gives you real-time insights behind every business decision in the practice.

The DataDx system can be deployed in just a few weeks, so you’ll quickly be able to enjoy seamless data extraction and automated, visualized reports, so you can achieve long-term, sustainable results for the practice. It’s not just easy — it’s effective!

How do we do it?

Our team of dental practice experts works side-by-side with you to maximize the value of your own data by tailoring your reports and our consulting services to your practice’s unique needs and goals.

Whether it’s a single, independent practice, or a large, multi-practice organization, DataDx offers the insights to help you achieve your goals.

DataDx software offers:

  • Automated reports
  • Data visualization
  • Real-time insights behind every key business decision
  • Seamless data extraction
  • Rapid deployment within weeks, not months
  • Eliminate the manual reporting burden
  • A true costs-of-care per unit for your practice
  • Comprehensive reports regarding your finances, workload and productivity, patient demographics, revenue cycles, and more!

DataDx: The comprehensive data insights you need to thrive

Looking for key financial insights? Not sure if it’s time to hire another provider? Curious about health trends across your entire patient population?

DataDx has the power to tell you the stories about your practice you need to make key decisions, the ones that will help you create team alignment, spur business growth, and foster happier, healthier patients!

Ready to experience how DataDx can make your great practice even better?

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