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DataDx: Real-time insights. Long-term, sustainable results.

Do you ever feel like you have enough time in the day? Always wearing too many hats? Wishing you had more time to focus on your patients instead of administrative tasks?

There are so many stresses in running your own practice, but in those rare moments when your operational strategy is in order, your team is focused on a common goal, and your patients are delighted with their care, there’s nothing more rewarding.

For many practices, aggregating data, creating reports, and using that information to make strategic decisions for the short and long-term well-being of the practice is always out of reach. There’s just too many sources of data and operational areas to focus on without having specialists on staff.


DataDx changes all that.

DataDx makes great practices exceptional ones by giving you the real-time insights your practice needs to achieve long-term and sustainable business results — every single day.

Track key patient data. Track your practice expenses and marketing spend. Track key performance indicators for every member of your team. Leverage critical business insights into more time with patients and increased profit.

How DataDx works

Our cloud-based software gathers and organizes your financial, clinical, and operational systems, so you can not only access all of your data in real-time, but you’ll also have the advantage of making critical business decisions based on actual data vs. intuition.

DataDx is compatible with a variety of EMRs, reports are customizable to your practice’s needs, and its visuals-driven format will give you the at-a-glance information you need to manage your thriving practice.

Our newest data integrations and module add-ons make DataDx even more powerful!

  • Anomaly Detection
  • BenchmarkDx for Dental
  • CompensationDx
  • ContractDx
  • CredentialDx
  • ValueBasedDx (for medical)
  • MarketingDx (coming fall 2022 for dental)
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More ways DataDx empowers your pracitce

Filter through the noise of your disorganized practice data with DataDx’s AI and machine learning capabilities
Integrate key data from your financial, operational, and patient care platforms
Produce sophisticated, actionable reports for more efficient and effective decision making
Answer vital operational questions confidently by quickly cross-referencing data points for comparative analysis
Access inclusive expense data for improved resource allocation — save time, money, and improve quality of care!

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