Meet the Team: Kate Othus, MHA

Aug 23, 2019

Kate is the president and founder of both DataDx and DataDx Consulting. I’ve worked with Kate for over three years and have observed her tireless efforts to help improve business operations for our clients. It was fun to sit down with her to learn more about what prompted her to take the leap in opening her own businesses.

How did you get your start in the healthcare industry?

My mom was a nurse, so I grew up learning about healthcare. After completing my bachelors degree in exercise science I made the decision to obtain my masters degree in healthcare administration. Having seen the patient care side of healthcare through my mom, I knew I wanted to go into administration and become a leader that could impact change.

What is your background in healthcare?

I have 14 years of experience working as an administrator and CEO for physician owned and physician led practices. Most recently I served as the Partner for a team of healthcare consultants. In my role as partner and consultant I worked with practices on strategic planning, organizational development, growth strategies, succession planning, and interim management.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to helping clients?

Helping practices find and build out the solutions they know exist. I’m able to provide them with the substance and experience they need to help them execute.

What is DataDx?

DataDx is a state-of-the-art dashboard with real-time reporting capabilities. It gives practices instant access to key performance indicators and helps them know where their practice stands.

What led you to develop DataDx?

As a practice administrator I spent too many hours building reports in Excel only to have them picked apart by my physician leaders because they would find an error from my hand keying or copying forward the wrong calculation. I felt there had to be a better, less time consuming and more accurate way for practices to have the reports they need at a moment’s notice.

What led you to develop DataDx Consulting?

DataDx and DataDx Consulting go hand in hand. Often practices either don’t have the correct data, or they have the correct data but lack the strategy to utilize the data. I built a team of highly skilled leaders that all share my passion to help physician practices stay fiercely independent.

What is your vision for DataDx and DataDx Consulting?

To bring best in class management and business intelligence resources to our clients. I help empower practices to make data driven decisions and foster strong relationships to help our healthcare community thrive.

Your practice and your patients deserve DataDx!

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